Unearthed from India – Jar of Turmeric

I want to be the first one to put my hand up and say, I have a problem with my body hair. My mom or aunt didn’t have it as bad as me, my grandmother didn’t have any at all and here I was, sitting like a chimp. I was such a terrible whiner when it came to my body hair, that my mom beamed at the idea that I try laser hair removal (More on that experience later).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved the effects – but it was awfully expensive. So I did what my mom should’ve done as soon as I was born. I went and asked my grandmother how she always had hair free skin. Her secret? A jar of turmeric in her bathroom.

So everyday, since she was 3, my grandmother used turmeric on her skin after soap. Yes, she made a paste with her water, put it all over her skin and washed it all off after a few minutes. Over the years, she lost any sign of body hair.

Since she started when she was 3, she was probably the only woman of that era who had skin like that at her wedding. Lucky her! Well I’m not that young, but I still started. It is almost the end of 2014, I do have slightly lesser body hair and glowing beautiful skin.

A few things to remember –

All you pale beauties out there, please make sure you wash off the turmeric properly. You don’t want it leaving a yellow tint. For those of you who have blonde body hair, this will work for you – give it a try! Turmeric is also has healing and anti-septic properties that will heal your skin and prevent most skin diseases.

Pro tip –

Try mixing milk and turmeric in your shower. The lactic acid in the milk acts as a gentle and natural exfoliant, further improving your skin.

Aryurvedic luxury should tickle your fancy. Give this a go beautiful.

– M.


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