What if there’s more?

Well I’d like to think I’m curious and imaginative, but you can go on and ignore this if my thoughts don’t amuse you. Every once in a while, I stumble upon the other side of YouTube. One side has Michelle Phan and Ellen DeGeneres, whilst the other side has scientific discoveries, possibilities, theories and rumours.

I think we’ve all lived long enough to know that nothing is impossible. All these days, I thought there may be another planet somewhere, where life like ours would exist. Where humans lived (completely differently maybe, but still lived all the same).

Today, I came across a fact that we’ve only explored 5% of the water bodies on planet earth. This got me thinking – What if there we more than fishes under water? What if there we people like us, living deep inside the ocean. What if sharks were to them, what lions are to us? Maybe they can’t survive under this pressure, just like we can’t take the ocean’s pressure.

Go on, you can say there are bigger problems and I’m a nut to waste my time. But I don’t mind letting my mind wander a little. This article does not translate to me wishing to throw myself into research on the deep sea. But I’d rather think of life under the sea, than war or religion. Gives me peace and satisfies my cray!

What do you think is waiting to be unearthed? Wander a little.

– M.


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