“Slap her”: children’s reactions. Was this good or bad?

First, I need everyone to watch this.

Now, I just went like, ‘Awh’ and put my hand over my heart in content. But then, I read this:


I do understand where Rebecca is coming from, but I have a few things to say before I agree with her.

1. These are little boys aged below 11. The focus here is on showing their reaction to the thought of slapping the girl.

2. This is a video which has been shot, cut, edited and put together (leading to point 3) to get across a beautiful message.

3. Martina, beautiful Martina, might have already been informed that the boys are going to touch her and maybe even slap her. They wouldn’t just get a girl on the street and throw her on frame. She’s probably only there because she’s okay with all of this.

4. The boys were also obviously informed to listen to the voice behind the camera and answer his questions and do as he says. Again, they weren’t dragged from the street, obviously.

5. Besides saying that ‘real men don’t do it’, which I support – just like I support that ‘ladies don’t raise their hands on anybody’… some boys also said ‘because jesus doesn’t want us to hit others‘, ‘because I don’t want to hurt her‘, etc.

Rebecca Hains, says that the boys were asked to point out what they like about her and they only pointed out physical attributes. They’re 11, so they’re just going say what they liked when they saw her. We can’t expect little children to say ‘I like what a beautiful soul she has and how her heart understands the difference between easy and right.’ Also, there could’ve been a female homeless person in Martina’s place, a completely different looking girl, a big woman, a tiny girl baby, a tough looking girl, a goth girl, a mannequin of a woman… whatever, the boys still wouldn’t hurt her.

Martina not being highlighted here is hardly an issue. And these boys will learn, at the right age, that you caress a women out of affection that she has reciprocated in some way. These boys also will NOT run around caressing random women without consent. They were asked to follow the voice, they didn’t come up with these things themselves. We all know how these video-things work, right?

I love how they say ‘because jesus doesn’t want us to hit others‘, ‘because I don’t want to hurt her‘, etc. These are signs of true men who will grow up and say ‘I’m not going to hurt OTHERS because it is wrong.’, ‘I’m against violence with any sex, period.’ (he doesn’t say I’m against violence with women) and I’m not going to hurt her… not only by not slapping her but also in any other way. These are the boys that know violence hurts, and is wrong, and is not what faith wants us to do – even if a voice tells us to do it.

Lastly, her real men argument? Here is what I have to say. The men who hit will learn nothing from this video. But this is for a parent to show their sons, that they should grow up with the same thoughts as these boys. This is for a boyfriend may understand that he was once the boy who would’ve reacted the exact same way.

The men who think being abusive is power..? This video is not going to cure them even if they knew more about Martina, or even if the boy didn’t say ‘because I am a real man.’ Expecting that this is for abusive men is foolishness.

And Rebecca Hains shouldn’t ridicule Fanpage.it for using this video to attract views. There are a million other sites, that take really demeaning images or videos (Sam Pepper WTH?!) that deserve critiques like you.

Maybe try and ban porn or something? Or tell AXE deodorants that women don’t come running for their scent. Or use your time to target this issue in a way you think is right. Tell ‘real men’ why they shouldn’t abuse. What are you going to get by criticising this video? Nothing but negativity. Stop telling Fanpage.it not to make such videos. Please Rebecca Hains, you can do better than shunning a sweet marketing attempt.

I don’t know what Fanpage.it was thinking when they shot this. But they certainly weren’t thinking, lets ‘objectify a girl, exploit some boys and trivialise domestic violence.’ So I don’t find them sick or pathetic. I think they’re perfectly okay. And those boys are beautiful and blessed, I do not feel sorry for them one bit.

– M.

Also, here are a few more sweet ‘marketing attempts’ that other companies have tried, and I like. Enjoy 🙂


2 thoughts on ““Slap her”: children’s reactions. Was this good or bad?

    1. Thanks for reading Shona 🙂
      Everyone has different opinions. This one is mine. But I would really like to know which parts of my post you disagree with and which parts of Rebecca’s I didn’t understand 🙂

      – M.


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