The Elegance in White.

I’ve constantly been obsessed with white home decor. I think there is an untold elegance that the color adds to our homes. I know it is a little hard to maintain, but I’m extra careful with beautiful things. I believe that your home is a place that you should love to go back to or love to stay back in. It should be a extension of what you want to feel. To me, feeling peaceful is calm is very important – so that is what my house reflects. Here are a few pictures I was inspired by when I was decorating my house.

White 5

White 2

White 10

White 4 White 8 White 6

Please note that these aren’t pictures of my home. These only helped my decorate my home the way I like it. A beautiful home changes a lot in your life. Little things like flower vases or scented candles can instantly change your mood. Promote peace, try a little white.

– M.


New Beginnings

Unearthed Beauty is for every person out there who believes, that inside everybody, there is breathtaking beauty waiting to be found. I believe that beauty comes from the things around us and the purity within us.

This blog will cover everything from outer beauty like makeup or decor, to inner beauty, like meditation. I’m going to pour and blend every bit that has made my life healthier and happier. What I hope is to help you all.

– M.